Decision made on controversial Maxilead move

2 Apr 2019 01:56

It has been announced that the move of Maxilead metals from Tyldesley to Atherton will go ahead following confirmation that the development will not be called in by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Wigan Council granted planning permission for the scrap-metal firms move to from its Tyldesley site to Atherton. However, earlier this year, there was wide spread concern that Labour led Wigan Council had fail to communicate details of the plan or have a meaningful consultation process with local residents after which the government intervened stating that more scrutiny of the plans was needed.

It has now been confirmed by that the development will not be called in by the new Secretary of State for Housing Communities and Local Government James Brokenshire MP as no legal basis could be found to stop the planning application. This means that Wigan Council's granting of planning permission will stand, and works can now begin on the scrap-metal firms move to Atherton.

Mr Green said: "It has been very disappointing that this decision has taken so long to come through, causing great uncertainty for local residents.

"Wigan Council's decision to allow the relocation of the Maxilead site from a residential area in Tyldesley to another residential area in Atherton is yet another demonstration of how little they listen to the concerns of Atherton residents.

"During a recent meeting with Maxilead I raised the concerns local residents have about the development. They have assured me that they have put a number of initiatives in place to combat noise pollution and extra vehicle movements and they do want to be good neighbours.

"Despite this, Wigan Council are still going to have to put in a lot of work to build up trust with local residents following this decision."

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