Teaching young people career skills

12 Oct 2018 11:18

A NEW project has been encouraging young people to get involved in the community over the summer holidays.

Sunshine House community centre in Scholes set up a new programme to encourage young people across the borough to take up work experience.

And, to help make their idea a reality, the centre received a financial boost from councillors representing Aspull, Ince and Wigan Central wards.

Council leader David Molyneux, cabinet member for communities Chris Ready and councillors George Davies and Lawrence Hunt clubbed together some of their annual ‘Brighter Borough’ allowance, which is earmarked for initiatives and causes that benefit local people.

The programme, which has run throughout the summer holidays, aims to teach young people about the recruitment process and gives them the opportunity to earn small amounts of money to spend while they are off school, all the while getting involved in their local community.

Barbara Nettleton, centre manager at Sunshine House, said: “We wanted to offer people the opportunity to earn their own money instead of relying on the ‘bank of mum and dad’.

“We also want the experience to teach young people about the recruitment process, team building and the importance of mixing with others, especially in the current environment where social media is a big part of how young people communicate.

“Getting people to mix in person and make new friends is a big part of what the project is about.”

The project has seen 30 young people working across a range of jobs over the holiday period.

As part of the learning element of the project, the young people were expected to apply for the placement and were invited to an induction day before a panel of independent people interviewed them.

During their time at Sunshine House, the young people have taken part in Dementia Friends training and learned about domestic abuse and mental wellbeing.


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